Top 5 Zero Waste Myths BUSTED

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While you’re thinking about making some changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle, you may have heard some false rumors causing you to pause. Let’s clear these up once and for all!

1. Myth: Zero waste is expensive

This couldn’t be further from the truth! The changes that go along with reducing waste and switching to more sustainable alternatives, in most cases, you will be investing up front and ultimately saving exponentially!

Take for example the safety razor. It lasts significantly longer and while there is an upfront investment, the replacement blades are significantly cheaper and you easily save money over the life of the razor.

The same goes for stainless steel water bottles. Not only is stainless steel safer thank plastic, and better for the environment, but even when filling with purchased filtered water, you will save a significant amount by avoiding those single use plastic water bottles.

And did you know that traditional sponges should actually be replaced anywhere from once per month to ever two weeks, depending how often you use it? That means going through even 12-24 sponges a year. Compare that to a biodegradable Scrubbies sponge which can be washed in the washing machine and lasts around 6 months (which means a single pack of 2 lasts a full year)!

And lastly, the zero waste lifestyle is focused on using first what you have and repairing items instead of replacing them, which most definitely results in savings.

2. Myth: You have to make everything DIY

While following zero waste groups and social media, you will see a lot of recipes for making your own products. And yes, it can be intimidating at first! Many of us are busy enough with work, family and all the other million things we have going on. Who has time to start making all their own products!?

I feel you. And that’s why for us, we decided only to make things that are easy, have few ingredients, and contribute meaningfully to reducing our waste. We make toothpaste (2-3 ingredients), yogurt (2 ingredients) and a number of food recipes which reduce our waste.

We experiment at times with other products such as bees wax wraps, and while they are functional, there are times it’s just easier, faster and much more pleasant when you purchase a professionally made product!

That’s why we have done the leg work of sourcing high quality products that help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, without breaking the bank or requiring you to source hard to find ingredients and spend hours executing complicated recipes!

3. Myth: You have to have lots of time

After making changes a little at a time, we noticed we go to the store less often, we tend to be more minimalist so have less to clean, less to maintain and less to repair. Plus, we take out the trash much less frequently!

4. Myth: Zero waste means you have to eliminate ALL plastic

Absolutely not! There are many extremely positive uses for plastic and it is not realistic nor necessary to completely eliminate plastic from our lives. However, plastic has become much too commonly used for almost everything, without regard for safety or the environment, most of all single-use plastics.

Thankfully, the single use plastic problem is beginning to be recognized. But there are still many other areas where plastics are unnecessarily used. Just take a look at the produce section of the supermarket where you see plenty of plastic packaging on the already naturally packaged bananas, apples, oranges etc.

Zero waste simply means choosing plastic where truly necessary and avoiding it and choosing alternatives when not.

5. Myth: Zero waste means all or nothing

We try to keep things simple. If you decided to make all changes from one day to the next, you would be completely overwhelmed and the changes would most likely not stick! Choose one thing at a time to change and watch how quickly it reduces your waste and shapes your decisions.

Zero waste is a journey not a destination! We’re all making a difference with the little changes we make step by step.

It’s similar to dieting. If you crash diet, you’ll be more likely to give up without any results. If you make small changes to your habits over time, they are more likely to stick. Same goes for zero waste. Every little bit counts. “It’s only one straw – said 8 billion people.”

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